Welcome to the University Rankings.

After crunching the numbers and many months of analysis, we reveal to you, dear reader, our 2015 rankings of every college in these United States. In our humble opinion, we do two things here better than anyone else out there:

First, we clearly show how a college stacks up against the other colleges and universities in the same state. It's easy to find national rankings on the internet--a half-dozen publications are tripping over each other to assert their status as the arbiter of university standing. A few of the better sites will even give you regional rankings. What we show you, clearly and objectively, is how a particular college compares to other colleges in the same state. For our ranking of the smartest schools, we also not only do this for the ACT and SAT composite scores, but for the separate component scores of those tests as well: English, Math and Writing.

Secondly, we show you where a college has been, and where it could be headed, using 10 years' worth of statistics on students. For our ranking of the smartest schools, absolute SAT and ACT scores are useful, but what's more indicative of a school's health is the rise and fall of these numbers. Schools compete for their students--a reduction in selectivity can be reflected in a reduction in mean aptitude score. Likewise, surging popularity of a school can lead to more applicants, and scores that tend to rise over the years. So you can see how this plays out, we've done the heavy lifting for you, going back into the archives of the Department of Education--back to 2003, to be exact--through comprehensive university survey data tucked away in their dense tables. We tied the data to Google's new fancy charts API, which we really think shows old data in new, lucid ways.

Likewise, we pull other obscure data for these schools, so you can get a real sense of the cost of attendance that you'll face. In one of our rankings below, we've compared the cost of attendance for a student who is in-state versus out-of-state. The differences between these two numbers seems to grow each year, leaving the smart student to look closely at options in his or her own state, and asking which other states in America might have a reciprocity deal going. The savings would be substantial enough that it's worth looking into.

In closing, we hope you find our site useful. We only wish we had easy access to trends of this sort when we were applying to college ourselves.

The Smartest Schools in Each State

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The Most Expensive Schools for Out-of-State Students

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